I have been working with Rick for about four years. He has helped me with my goal of better fitness and strength. He was able to adapt my program as my conditioning improved. At times, I was doing things I thought I would never be able to do. He is a consistent advocate for health, fitness and my program. He leads by example, as he does what he advocates. He has a friendly and informal manner. We have fun and laugh, but he doesn’t forget that I am there to work, usually hard. He doesn’t let me forget that either.

Michael, Medway, MA


I’ve been working with Rick for over a year and he’s been invaluable in helping me improve my overall level of fitness. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone wanting a personalized, effective and well structured training program.

Randy, Medway, MA.

"Rick has shown me some new exercise to improve the quality of my workout. My back feels better and my clothes fit better. That's progress!"

Melissa, Holliston, MA

"Rick taught me to improve the quality of my exercise routine. My focus was strictly on cardio, he trained me to broaden my routine to include strength training without the expense of joining a gym or buying lots of equipment. He also advised me on eating a smarter, well balanced diet."

Dave, Holliston, MA

"Rick is very knowledgeable in all areas of well being including fitness, nutrition, and staying healthy and young."

Renee, Holliston, MA

Rick provides the expert guidance to achieve the goals I want to achieve. Working with my own goals and amy own personality, he tailors the workout for me. My core is now so much stronger, and I’ve seen carryover results I wasn’t expecting. My skiing was much better this winter!

Scott, Franklin

I started with Rick in order to else 10 pounds for my daughter’s wedding. I had been trying on my own for 2 years. I trained with with Rick one day a week and on my own. IN three months I not only reached my goal, but lost far more inches than expected. What makes Rick special is that he is patient and able to work around health issues. Even though I am always complaining, Rick is able to take it and make it fun.

Lisa, Franklin