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Tailored Fitness Personal Training now exclusively at Gold's Gym, Millis, MA.

Workouts that Help You Lose Pounds, Inches, and Make You Strong and Lean!

My personal training programs are fun and get great results. A recent study showed people who used a personal training workout program got better results than going it alone. My workout routines do not require huge amounts of time. I'll design your custom fitness program to get results and sometimes require little or no equipment at all!

Learn the best exercise to do to lose weight, build muscle, and trim and tone your body. A custom designed strength training program, combined with cardio, stretching and a diet to help you gain muscle mass or lose fat is the answer. Tailored Fitness workouts will achieve your fitness goals, guaranteed!

 Our workouts provide you with ...

  • Strength training exercises for every muscle in your body that don't take all day to finish. 

  • Increased energy level from a new cardio workout and cardio training.

  • Improved flexibility from proper stretching.

  • Nutrition facts...learn how to eat to gain muscle or lose fat quickly!

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Have you ever lost weight on a diet and then gained it all back? 

  • Have you started a workout routine and then stopped after a few days?

  • Do you want to Improve your Health?

You know how it makes you feel to lose weight only to gain it back. Wouldn’t you like to know you never have to feel that way again? After using one of our workouts to achieve your fitness goal…You’ll feel Great!